Writing sessions and retreats to inspire and relax

Feel the breeze… smell the salty air.
Allow the sea to guide your thoughts and words.

Join us for Seaside Writing.

Podcast is here! Events postponed.

Writing Sessions

If you’re frustrated with writing or need some kindreds to help you reach your goals, sign up to hear when the podcast will be released.


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Guided Journals & Notebooks

A series of beautiful objects to inspire your writing even more.

Writing Sessions

(postponed). Seaside Writing sessions are a mini-mid-week holiday. A group break from the day-to-day to enjoy nature, good company, and beverages. Ideas and conversation spark to help with the writing flow. Whether it be writing for your business, your workplace, or just for you! An editor is there to help you.

Audio waves – SW Podcast

Tune in to the Seaside Writing Online podcast. Soak up the power of the sea to keep your writing going, and be inspired to think and write in news ways.

Guided Journals & Notebooks

Alongside yoga and coffee, stream of consciousness writing has hands-down been a life-changer for me. Writing without judgement or inhibition – just “deleting the junk” from your brain as one Seaside Writer termed – writing in this way, every day makes space for better thoughts. Other times we need prompts and suggestions to spark our ideas. We have journals and notebooks for both occasions.