About Seaside Writing

Getting thoughts out onto the page is magical.

Seaside Writing is guided writing sessions and retreats held by the sea.

Seaside Writing is a lovely way to connect with yourself, like-minded folk, and the wondrous ocean.

Whether it be a long tussled with piece, or something that came over you that simply had to be written, the process of documenting thoughts in writing is transformative and can be life-changing.

Seaside Writing has become a beautiful community of writers and thinkers, drinking up the gorgeous sea and pouring out their thoughts on the page and in conversation. Join the clan of business owners and everyday folk writing to relax, be inspired and get work done.

You could write an Amazon Short Read, create an inspiring opt-in for your business, smash out weekly blog posts, or knock over whole chapters in your manuscript. Or just write from wherever your mind and the sea breeze takes you.

The best and most effective ways to reach your goals are to invest in yourself and seek accountability with a supportive group.


Achieving a writing project for your business or for yourself requires a “practice” mentality. It takes having a clear goal in mind, dedication, a set time in your schedule, and it takes the right environment.

Have you ever tried to write but the words just don’t come? There’s a blockage for some reason – either you’re not clear what you’re saying, or you’re not sure of the best way to start. Or maybe the words don’t come because you’re not in the right head space or physical place.

I recently took part in an Ocean Writing Retreat where, you guessed it, I wrote alongside the water with a bunch of fabulous business ladies. We wrote on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, USA, with Michelle Kulp who runs The Best Seller Author Program.

Writing by the water, in that group environment, I realised that I had been lacking something super important for my writing. Detachment from the every day. Detachment from Facebook, from my office, from my phone. I found space by the water. The words that came out were different to what I would write at home. There was a freedom about them, a lack of convention.

There’s something about being by the water. It’s calming, it’s centering, invigorating; and it’s there in that zone you can find an unparalleled clarity. For me, by the water is where writing can flow.

So I created Seaside Writing sessions and retreats for people in business to write by the water.

Join us in writing towards a certain project. Perhaps you’d like to focus on a series of blog posts, perhaps a few pages on your website, or even a manuscript may be something you’ve been wanting to tackle? Poetry perhaps?

You never know.

Alex Christopher
Founder of Seaside Writing

You can use Seaside Writing to get the words going. We can write in our own headspace but in a motivating group atmosphere and a professional writer will be there to offer support, editing assistance and anything else you require to get your writing project off the ground (and published.)

If you don’t have a project in mind, you can simply come along and write whatever is on your heart. We have many writing prompts to share with you too.

Imagine this; you’re sipping some nourishing chai tea, grazing on some tropical fruits, overlooking the bluest of blue waters, breathing in that uplifting sea air and all the while achieving your writing goals.


Seaside Writing is a chance to relax and be inspired.

You will open up your heart, your mind and your creativity, and get things flowing on the page.

About Alex


Alex Christopher is a former lecturer who now dedicates her time to writing, editing, mentoring and being an artist. Alex writes and edits in all forms: business and organisational communications, traditional media, copywriting — and even poetry, children’s stories and time travel fiction. She’s been published in international journals, news, print media and online. BUT — she what she loves most is writing by the sea with friends, finding nature and conversation to be a fabulous source of freedom that sets inspiration alight.

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