“I first met Tracey at the C-Bar in Townsville when having lunch with a mutual friend (and my Mum). Tracey had just moved to Townsville from Thailand, and before that she’d lived in India, and before that in Michigan. All places I have travelled to and loved so naturally we had lots to talk about.

I was excited to learn that Tracey was a yoga teacher, and intrigued to find that while she had an asana or postures practice, her approach to yoga was driven by philosophies from ancient texts that she studies keenly.

Tracey is an international yoga teacher with years of experience in reading and exploring the ancient texts of the yogic tradition. A little after we first met, Tracey offered a course that was an Introduction to Yoga philosophy which I attended. Tracey artfully explained some complex concepts that challenge our Western approach to living. The texts that Tracey shared from were beautiful; the language used and the way of thinking from the books I feel have had a positive impact on my creative pursuits.

Since this course, Tracey has come along to Seaside Writing sessions, and it’s here that I realised she is an avid writer too. Her words are poetic and speak of the beauty of human existence, and the wonder of the environment and universe. I feel like I am on a cloud floating after hearing Tracey read some of her inspired passages. Tracey is compiling her words in a collection from various journals over her years of travel and reflection. She also writes for Ekhart Yoga and assists others in their manuscript research.

Tracey brings to Seaside Writing an approach to writing that is full of light and joy, a love of nature and connection, and a keenness to understand other people’s voices in the experience of life.”

  Join Tracey’s Seaside Writing sessions from 29 Wednesday.