All the better to reflect, daydream and find flow with.

I am delighted to announce that Seaside Writing is taking a new form as a: PODCAST! 

The Seaside Writing podcast is something I’ve been working on since the world’s been in lockdown. I am feeling simultaneously trepidatious and triumphant to be releasing it into the ether, and more importantly, our Seaside Writing circle. 

Many people – business-owners and regular folk – have taken on Live Streaming, Zoom and other methods to connect during this time. I thought long and hard as to whether I could offer a live event via Facebook, Instagram or Zoom, but that is still to come for Seaside Writing. (Baby Buzz makes it difficult for me to lock in times at the moment, so pre-record is the way to go!) 

The other main reason I have chosen to go with a podcast has to do with something you don’t use with a podcast. And also, some sciencey-goodness I’ve been reading about. 



UK  /ˈpɒd.kɑːst/ US  /ˈpɑːd.kæst/ 

a radio programme that is stored in a digital form that you can download from the internet and play on a computer or on an MP3 player.

Cambridge Dictionary Online

My hope, with this podcast, is that you may sit in your favourite writing spot — by the sea if you can — with headphones in or the audio playing in your room. By literally tuning in to sounds, your eyes are free. Free to scan the horizon and to languidly think, and not be distracted by a big old face on a screen. May you listen in, activate your sound sense, and also have your hands free to hold a pen and a notebook and write, not having to check back in with the screen as you do so.

May your eyes be able to roam, your mind skip freely without the distraction and draining energy of being glued to a screen, and your hands be focussed on scribbling and mark making (or typing). A podcast frees your eyes to gaze where they wish. 

Recently I have been learning about brain waves and their impact on creativity and rest. These are two states that Seaside Writing engages. To put things very simply, though I encourage you to learn more directly from the experts, we are talking beta, alpha, theta and delta waves.

Beta brainwaves are characterised as “a strongly engaged mind. A person in active conversation would be in beta.” Beta is a state we are in a lot for work and the “doing” of life. In some instances at Seaside Writing, it would be how your brain is encouraged to fire, but we are more so accessing the next two brainwaves “down”.

Alpha brainwaves usually connect to a reflective state. We often use reflection in Seaside Writing to allow thoughts to fully sink in. This is where our environment really helps us. We can stare off into the distant blue and consider what we’ve just written and listen in to others’ words, perhaps connecting their thoughts with our own, or seeing where they diverge.

Theta is my new favourite concept or state. They are brainwaves akin to day-dreaming and a space of flow. I’ve been listening to Johnathon Green’s An Abundance of Katherine‘s via audiobook. There’s a line which says, “Driving is a form of thinking.” Driving puts us into a flow-like state. We can automatically do this task and in doing so our brain enters a theta-state where great ideas have the space to pop. Sitting by the sea, or channelling the sea, with headphones in, deep in thought, with collective energy and a chance to stare off into the distance, is how I see Theta brainwaves emerging in our sessions. May we have more Theta-ness so our minds can relax and creativity can expand there. 

There is also the Delta brain wave, which is connected to sleep states. And I am very happy to sink into those when the timing is right.

Besides being unable to offer live events just now and itching to create more writing programs for you, these are my main reasons for commencing a podcast. To allow your eyes and thinking to be a little freer than when you are watching someone’s face on a screen, in the hope that you may slip into the Alpha and Theta brainwaves allowing the light of new ideas in.

Ready for the podcast? Listen to the Trailer for the NEW Seaside Writing Online podcast here. 

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