Writing and Yoga – just what DO they have in common?

Alex Christopher

Yoga + Writing


“Let me tell you, that writing in my experience, is very much like yoga. They are two wonderfully creative and nourishing activities.

Yoga, as we know, means ‘to yolk’. Yoga is to connect with ourselves, with each other and with the universe. When we are on our mat, we go deep within our psyche and explore our thoughts and bodies, we share the practice in the room of fellow students and with our teacher, and we also unite with our surrounds, that magical force in nature, and that “other space” bigger than us.

Writing is much the same. The act of writing encourages connection to our mind, thoughts, dreams, and ideas. Writing is often, though not always, for communication or sharing with others, and it very much requires something outside us to drive or inspire the act.

Writing is an engagement of insight and connection, much like yoga.

Whereas yoga gets things out through whole body movement, breath and vision points, writing gets things out from the mind, then hand and onto paper. The process of which can be deeply cleansing and illuminating.

We can have our biggest A-ha! moments on the mat or on the page.

  • Writing and yoga is a healthy, cleansing exercise
  • Writing and yoga is a cathartic release
  • Writing and yoga is a journey-like experience
  • Writing and yoga is personal and introspective
  • Writing and yoga get you into a flow.

The writing prompts within this booklet are designed to channel your thinking into areas you may not bring to the front of your mind. They are probably things you’ll note you have run through before, but perhaps you have never fully formed and examined those thoughts.
That’s one of the beauties of writing. We are encouraged to capture messages swirling in our mind; to still them through our hand, and ask them to rest. When we have them clear and on the page, then we can look at them in reflection and inquiry mode. The act of bringing your thoughts to the page may even make you realise something for the very first time.

Without being able to articulate and order our thoughts into sentences, can we ever truly be on top of them? Can we make improvements in our lives if we are not clear of where we need to do so?

Time on the mat and time with pen and paper, can assist us to know who we are, to connect with others, to connect with our world and also, help us to see the next step we need to take.

I hope you enjoy the insightful process.

Best wishes, Alex Christopher { Writes }”

 Activity #1

Tea is an Accomplishment

It can be easy to see the achievements of others but not our own.
Sometimes, making a cup of tea is the day’s greatest accomplishment.
To observe our own accomplishments, we may need to strip away messages
in our mind that are getting in the way of us celebrating something.
What are five accomplishments you have achieved?
What stands in the way of you celebrating your achievements more readily?


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