Caring for our natural environment is a collective responsibility, together it is everyone’s business and in order to encourage our kids to make good choices when it comes to rubbish and the environment in general, we need to first start by making these positive choices ourselves.

Whilst we don’t want our kids collapsing in a puddle of tears created by the overwhelming burden of climate change, there are still many age appropriate ways we can engage their interest and instil a sense of responsibility towards the wellbeing of our planet. Looking after the beautiful resources and magical wonders of our natural world is a collective responsibility and the attitude of ‘Someone else will do it’ or ‘I’m too busy to deal with that’ or even the common cliché of ‘don’t touch that it’s dirty’ is just not going to cut it when it comes to ensuring that all of our past and present actions and choices don’t lead to our children’s future being bleak.

Now to step off my little soap box, let me explain my motivation for such a deep and passionate tirade. As a mother of two young children I have several factors which motivate me to be passionate about being part of the change and leading by example when it comes to environmental change. I have two sets of ever inquisitive, absorbing eyes watching on and learning from my every move. I feel the responsibility of knowing that every choice I make will impact their future, and therefore can either have a positive effect or a negative one. I, like most of us also have a history of imperfect choices during my younger years and feel a sense of debt that I wish to repay to the environment to make amends and in turn educate myself and my children better. All of these factors have been influencing and driving my motivation for some time.

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