Sofia Fortunato is your writing guide for Seaside Writing come 31 August.

Seaside Writing has been a true companion for Sofia in her adventures in becoming an author. You can find her swimming at a local pool or photographing the world around her.

From Alex at Seaside Writing

“I first met Sofia when she was “in between” worlds. She came along to a creative arts development session that helped people identify a question that could lead to a series of artworks based on a research approaches.

At the time, Sofia was doing her own research work at James Cook University in marine science, yet she was on a journey to combine her extensive scientific knowledge with her creative passions of painting and drawing. I thought wow! this lady is so cool!!! In the workshop, Sofia set off to create more of her coral and sea-life drawings adding fluorescent paint detailing.

It wasn’t until later, when she went to a creative writing workshop with her daughter, that she realised writing stories was something important to her too. She’d been publishing endless academic papers (in many languages, to boot!) and remembered that when she was young, she loved to write too. It was a boom moment for her. That’s what she had been missing in her creative pursuits…writing with her paintings — all based on marine science.

Since this grand discovery, Sofia has drafted her first young adult novel about a girl who tries to save the ocean. Her stunning blue as blue drawings and paintings have been inspiring and motivating the story along the way, as well as her two daughters who love to hear what’s happening with the characters.”

“Sofia has now left full time academic life behind to pursue these stories that just keep on coming!

As a Seaside Writing teacher, she will bring knowledge about writing discipline and tenacity, academic and scientific understanding, visual creative talents, along with creative writing under her belt. She’s the writer of Outdoor Hobbits and a contributor to SciArt Magazine. Now that the floodgates are open for her love of creative writing, Sofia is keen to inspire and motivate others too.

Join Sofia’s Seaside Writing sessions on Fridays from 31 August 2018. “