On the Seaside Writing Retreat to Orpheus Island in May, I prompted the crew to write about a memory relating to “island hopping”.

Ngaire wrote this little ditty on her trip to Orpheus. Dr Seuss and the bump of the trip gave her rhythm to write.


Island Hopper

Baby oh Baby the places we’ll go, the friends we will visit the folks we will know…….. ( Dr Seuss)


Over seas we do travel to far out of sight

to hear whispers of Roosters in the dead of the night

Or off to the left there are white shiny sands

Bulla and big smiles, from warm island lands

The Lull of calm waters, the bright sulphur seas

Shipwrecks and Ozzo, such fond memories

Then there is the great Ireland, a second Island home

Off in the distance on my young travels I roamed

The Barnards and Dunk, my childhood friends

Off the back of dads boat the adventure begins

and last but not least the biggest of them all

The mighty Australia, my blessed home shores.