By Tracey Uber-Cook

Our Seaside Writing Guide for Wednesdays in Townsville


Take a moment.

One Thing.

Just One







The shape.

The colour.

The texture.

The physical properties.


Then go deeper.

The feeling it evokes in you.

The physical feeling you get when you experience this object.

Where do you feel it?

How do you feel it


Is it your eyes that see it?


Or are the eyes just the instrument for seeing?

Is there something else that ‘sees”

That tries to make sense of it all

That gives everything a name and a form

And that triggers a reaction within you?


What is That?

That which ‘sees’?

That which ‘experiences’?

And when we look deeper,

Are all these separate things?

Or are they all part of the same One?

The apparent object

The act of seeing

The eyes themselves

The internal mechanism which gives name and form and attempts to create

meaning for it all?

And our reaction to it?


All happening within a split second.

But what exactly is a second?

Another apparent object of awareness.


Keep looking.

Deeper and deeper.

Are there answers?

Or more questions?

Or just One.