1. Why is mental health important to me?
2. Why did I choose to go into a professional that seeks to “help” or “improve” mental health?

I think the best way to start is by talking about one of the best random encounters with a stranger I’ve ever had…

A few weeks ago I was waiting to board my ferry home, ready to fall into bed because of “that damn cold” that everyone seemed to get this year. I was approached by a guy asking where we purchase tickets at night, as the terminal was closed. Without hesitation I helped him out, and then apologised for almost sneezing on him. Now usually being a sneezy, coughing-mess of a human will deter people from talking to you, let alone coming within a 5 metre radius. This guy however was not deterred. As we boarded the ferry, Nice Guy, (as we will refer to him) asked if it was okay to sit with me. Now, I’d just finished an almost twelve-hour day and was feeling less than chatty, but my good manners prevailed and I responded with “you’re welcome to sit with me, but don’t blame me if you get sick!”

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