Writing Sessions

Join us for writing sessions by the sea.

Postponed for now.

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These sessions have become a beautiful community of writers and thinkers, drinking up the gorgeous seaside and pouring out their thoughts on the page and in conversation. We’d love for you to join us – business owners, creative people and everyday folk!

Write a blog post, an Amazon Short Read, create an inspiring opt-in for your business, smash out articles, assignments or knock over whole chapters in your manuscript. Or just write from wherever your mind and the sea breeze takes you.

“Last year, I personally filled eight notebooks of hearty scribble!”

Alex Christopher


The best and most effective ways to reach your business, life and writing goals are to invest in yourself and seek accountability with a supportive group.

Achieving a writing project for your business or for yourself requires a “practice” mentality. It takes having a clear goal in mind, dedication, a set time in your schedule, and it takes the right environment.

What do our writers say about our sessions?

Seaside Writing gives amazing enthusiasm for bringing out the best in writers and would be writers. Our leader just loves what she does and her gentle yet firm encouragement has helped me to get out of my comfort zone and write more often and better than I could have imagined. Allison Dearling

Allison Dearling

Yoga Teacher, Live and Breathe Yoga

I’m so blessed to have met found Seaside Writing through a luncheon – which opened up the world of Seaside Writing – a beautiful diverse community. It’s kinda like time out for me. Our leader always has a fresh approach coaching us along the path each of us are on. I love every session, the setting, and the progress I’ve made, and now finally have words for my website which is live! Thanks so much – mission accomplished! Jennifer Ironside

Jennifer Ironside

Personal Coach, 2 B Whole

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