EkhartYoga teacher, Tracey describes how being diagnosed with glaucoma changed her yoga practice and offers advice to those who are going through a similar experience.


It was as if a hot iron poker had been placed on my skin as the ophthalmologist looked me in the eyes and gave me the diagnosis.

As yoga teachers, we are trained to tell people with glaucoma to avoid headstands and most inverted poses, due to an increase in pressure in the eyes. This pressure is already elevated in people with glaucoma, and high levels of intraocular pressure (IOP) can lead to optic nerve damage and eventually blindness.

The conversation in my mind jumped to: “Inversions are not a good idea for glaucoma. So that means Headstand and Shoulderstand are out. Handstands and Forearm balances, too… that’s ok. I can deal with that.”

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